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The worst company ever i had a loan took out in 2006 and it was transfered several times them asc was my lender i missed one payment and tbe guys would call several times a day harassing me threatening me and all i ended up being forclosed on in 2009 anyone start a class action against this company let me know

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My parents died yrs ago I was paying the mort. until my husband got in an accident long story short home went into forclosure, I got the necessary legal documents faxed them to the co. Called and called and called left message after message with no call back. Got letter send pymt or foreclosure imminent. No address on the letter when called to ask were exactly to send pymt again no call back after several message. Bottom like they will not call... Read more

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We have been trying for nearly a year to get a modification to no avail, they say we can afford the+$3600/month payments for next 4 years on a 1000sq ft home. They say that even though the payment is 70% of income we have too much income. To top it off we have no escrow account,yet they paid our property tax in Dec 2015. ASC says they got a notice we were delinquent on taxes EXCEPT TAXES WERE NOT DUE UNTIL FEB 2016. The city does not send the... Read more

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I have NEVER gotten a end of year tax statement on time. When I call they check my address ( really I pay my mortgage payment on time every month). They say they mail them on January 31st but it is now the 19th of February and it has not arrived again. Every year the same thing. I despise American Servicing Company and as soon as I can get rid of them I will. They will not let me re-finance without paying as if I am a new client with a new... Read more

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I was told my modification was in review several times and not to pay my mortgage because I was behind. To my surprise I had a sheriff knock on my door and tell me my home was in foreclosure and I had 30 days to pay 17K. I was repeatedly told not to worry, not to worry, not to worry. Luckily I took money from 401K to save home after paying way to many fees. As luck would have it now I owe 6K in taxes. Are you jealous. DO NOT USE THIS LENDER... Read more

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My pissed attitude comes from not given a chance to pay for home on a trial basis. This was never offered to me. ASC has screwed me out of my home. Modifications are a joke with all the available options to save the home. Keajuanna Lacy is a Big Liar. Don't trust her! Read more

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I had to file bankruptcy because they would not let me do a modification, they are the worst to deal with. If anyone is suing please let me know, we need to do a class law suite, they need to be stopped, they are very crooked. This is a horrible company to deal with. I experienced several horrible people who said that they were representing me, they could care less about me or me losing my home. These people are really scam artist and I feel... Read more

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Americas Servicing Company - Not User Friendly
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Have you ever tried to make an online payment to ASC? They set you up for failure. They want you to phone the payment in and be charged to make a payment on your mortgage. User Name Password, 6 Security questions. Finally get to the page and it states Internal Server Error. Please contact customer service. ASC has the worst website to try to make a mortgage payment! It is not user friendly at all!! 2 1/2 hours patiently trying to make a payment... Read more

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PLEASE if any on is doing a class action PLEASE reach out to me so We can join this class action!!We filed on several different times to no avail for loan modification they never approved our loan modification.Then out no where we received notice on our front door to quit and surrender our Home Me and my Family were homeless for a whole years with 3 minors.I want Justice for me and my FAMILY.They solicited us by phone as in reference to cash out... Read more

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It is so sad to see that America's Servicing is still screwing people. They did the same thing back to us in 2006-2007. Kept jacking our interest up, would offer a modification but would make payments ridiculously high then would bill us even higher. They made it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for us to catch up. It got to the point were we ended up agreeing to give up our home for short sale...which is basically foreclosure. We lost thousands of dollars... Read more

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