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My name is Luis Taveras. You had my mortgage and then it was transferred to Specialize Loan Services.

I need a copy of my 2016 1099 to file my taxes. Can this be emailed to me at My social security number is [REDACTED].

It can also be mailed to 336 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238. Thanks!

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Did you get you tax for for 2016. I need it as well


This is the same issue I am having now. They sold my loan to Specialized Loan Servicing.

Now I am unable to get my 1098 form and the 1098 that I got from Specialized Loan Servicing only has about 4 months of Interest from when they took over my loan.

So now when I'm trying to do my taxes, I do not have a 1098 to claim all of my interest. I would like to know if anyone else has had this problem this year and how they resolved it.

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