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Since November of last year, we have been tryinging to do loan modifications.We submit paperwork, but never get a straight answer.

Who knows how to head a class action lawsuit? I'm in!! Anyone out there started one yet? I've called them so many times, so many different answers.

I don't want to lose my house, but at the rate they are doing things---it may happen. Each person I talk to has a different answer. Sometimes my paperwork is complete, other times, it's not. I hvae no idea what's going on and cannot get a straight answer from anyone.

I didn't realize so many people were going through the same thing!!!

Let's file!!

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Yes !I agree,

I also tried to do a Modification with ASC and was told that we qualified and was lied to.

Submitted all my paperwork, everything they asked for and then they told me, we did not qualify.

I submitted a complaint twice and they still did not do anything about my Modification.I believe they are in this business to take as many homes as they can.

I know that there are a lot of us out there, that are in the same boat, I would love to move forward with this legally.


America's Servicing Company needs to be investigated on the way they do business.The amounts owed on the loans never match up.

They foreclosed on my sons home without notification and going through the modifications for help was unbelievable. Numerous papers as requested were sent to them (faxed and mailed) and yet they kept saying they needed the same information that was supplied to them. The modification papers were sent to different locations so it was clearly apparent to me that the imformation was not getting documented when they received them which is why they kept asking for the same information that was submitted to them on numerous occasions.

We have a pre-mediation hearing on 10/25/2013 and I am praying that justice is served and my son will be able to keep his home.I would appreciate any information from anyone who is clearly going through the same situation.


another house lost. now in forclosure asc wants to work something out


I have just about the same story. They strubg us aalog for THREE YEARS and we kost our home in December. We are currently fighting eviction and iwe can succeed there I intebd to sue them!!!


I have similar stories as other homeowners. I want to be a part of the class action suit. ASC has no intention of modifying these loans.


I have similar stories as other homeowners. I want to be a part of the class action suit. ASC has no intention of modifying these loans.


I am an attorney and have suffered through the same process with ASC – there is a Consent Order between Wells Fargo and the Comptroller of the Currency dated April 2011 supposedly preventing further activity of this kind but obviously not. A class action is warranted but difficult – there is one pending in CA. I have started an email at – if people are serious send me comments and I will decide whether to proceed.


Americas servicing are all ready in a class action lawsuit check the web..


I could tell you all my ASC story but it would be identical to many of your own.I am disgusted with this company.

They will not recognize the HARP II refinance nor will they modify a bloody thing for me. I have been working on this for two years.

If ANYONE knows how to do a class action lawsuit, I WANT IN!!


We all have similar stories dealing with ASC/Wells Fargo.Where do we go from here?

Do we contact a Law Firm that will take up the cause, and start a Class Action Law Suit against ASC. Who can recommend such a Firm? We would include all of our names and information, and I'm sure this Class Action Lawsuit will probably include atleast 1,000,000 members parties to the Law Suit. And we're probably talking in the $100,000,000.


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