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I am having the same issue with this company as every body else .My mortgage was sold to them a year ago ,and the way things going i think they not inerested at all in workin with the consumers,i am pissesd at the way American servicing company is handling my mortgage modification process ,for three month now i am waiting for them to start handeling my paperwork,and still have not gotten any where with them. Please if anyone has any help advise ,or if anyone has a class action lawsuit against ASC "Wells Fargo" please contact me at :

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I'm going through the same thing everybody else is.ASC is giving me the run around about not having all the documents they need to proceed.I've called many times and left a voice mail requesting them to either e-mail me the documents or send them in the mail.In the past month I have left 5 messages to my loan specialist and still no calls no email and nothing in the mail.

ASC is a JOKE.

Thier quick to blow up your cell phone when your late on a payment, when I say blow up your cell phone I mean 4-7 calls a day.I understand they loaned me money for my house and Im obligated to pay the loan back, but theres a differance in collecting a debt and being harassed.


If anyone on here has any information on a lawsuit against ASC for all this false help (as I have gotten wrapped up in as well and now had to file bankruptcy) please contact me so I too can join in on making them hopefully go bankrupt and lose jobs. my email is


I have the same problem with ASC/Wells Fargo. After 2 YEARS trying to modified my loan due to divorced. I was current on my payments up to 7/10/10. They told me in order to qualify for loan modification I have to be behind, I was desperate and didn't want to lose my house. So I felt behind. After 2 months receive a letter from ASC offering me options. I summit application for HAMP and after 7 months of work on faxing, mailing, phone calls, copies, etc. they told me I was denied, because his investor (Wells Fargo) was not autorized for that plan. (LIE). They I applied for another modification, when thru the same situation, after a year I was send a forberance trial plan of $2241.00, I made all 3 payments, at the end they told me in order to accept my modification I have to Pay $28,000 as a contribution. CONTRIBUTION?, I asked to send that on writting and they said NO, they can't do that, but as soon as I send it, I will start with my new plan.

Now, I filled BK #7, hoping I will save my house.

I want to file a lawsuit aginst ASC/WElls fargo.


We have attempted to get a loan mod from ASC, and thought we had succeeded on 10/03/09, however we we recieved our papers it was a foreberance aggreement.We completed that and of course the run a round began.

Reason for not receiving mod never clear nor concise.

Our investor is Citgroug and servicer ASC/Wells Fargo, so we are now getting the our business partner doesn't agree.There should be a law for all these unlawful practices stating missing information, or you need to speak with your point of contact who never returns your call, however you receive a letter from him thanking you for taking the time to speak with them, isn't that padding a file?

Thanks Joan


ASC has been charging me for the loan modification, I would like to know if anyone else have similar experience. With my families’ help I have not default on my mortgage payment so far.

I applied to ASC for loan modification since March 2009. I was given the same run around, documents gotten lost and I have to re-submit several times (and I sent everything via FedEx.) Eventually, by the October 2009, I was told my loan modification was denied. However I was encouraged to re-submit the modification application for review which I did. And I was encouraged to submit application for HAMP. I was told they would be reviewed simultaneously. Four months later, I was told I did not qualify for HAMP. When I called for status of my modification status, I was told they closed my case once I applied for HAMP. I was encouraged to re-submit application for modification again.

In August 2010, I was told on the phone by a representative that my modification was approved. I just needed to wait for an approval letter from ASC so I could acquire for Subordination document from my 2nd mortgage company. The approval letter never arrived. When I called after 2 weeks to request status of said letter, I was told my modification was denied. I was told that my ASC loan modification representative's "manager" has over-ruled my ASC representative's approval. What I don't understand is why I was not informed of such important decision. However, I was encouraged to...

By March 2011, I got another modification denied letter from ASC. By then I was so fed up with ASC that I decided enough is enough. I stopped wasting time with them hoping for something that would have never happened. For all these time, I have paid my monthly mortgage fees on time, no default what so-ever. After I stopped applying, I got several calls from ASC representatives to see if my financial status has improved a bit to qualify for the loan modification. I mostly just hang up on these calls. Then I received several letters from ASC suggesting short sale on my property. I trashed those letters.

Yesterday, when I prepared to pay my monthly mortgage, I noticed an "unpaid advance balance" of $290 on my monthly bill. I checked back on my bills from ASC. On my Dec 2010 bill, I have $200 listed as Unpaid advance balance. This amount was on every bill after that. Then on my April 2011 bill, the amount increased to $290.

I called ASC to see what it is. The lady representative whom answered the phone did not seem to know. Kept asking me if I have default payments? Bankruptcy? Loan modification? I answered yes on loan modification. She then said that's it. It's for the appraisal that ASC did each time I applied. $90/appraisal. I said I did not have anyone appraised my house from ASC. She said they just drove thru your property. When asked why such odd numbers, $290 does not divided equally by $90. And why ASC has to appraise so many times. Once should be enough. She has no answer. I requested ASC for itemization of the $290 Unpaid Advance Balance, perhaps a letter from ASC to explain such fees. I was told I could not have more details then what she told me over the phone.

I would like to find out if anyone have been charged fees for loan modification, and I am seriously thinking of filing a law suit against ASC.

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I am upset at ASC because when I origionally got my loan the construction company told everyone that they could not use another company in order to get the home we wanted we had to use their lending company ASC. There rates and fees were higher and so far their miscalculations are as well. The bank that had approved me for my loan whom I wanted to use was at a lower interest rate by almost 2 percent and there were no fees to do my loan at the time had I used the bank I wanted to use..

Also ASC tried to pull the same insurance scam trying to make me use their homeowners insurance when I had found a cheaper homeowners ins elsewhere.


I have been trying for a loan modtiforcation for about two years and is still going thow it lies lies lies and after 5 years it was to be a fix rate and that still did not happen my paper work keept getting lost and new rep on the case my email


I have been trying for a loan modtiforcation for about two years and is still going thow it lies lies lies and after 5 years it was to be a fix rate and that still did not happen my paper work keept getting lost and new rep on the case my email


Bert, please contact me.An assignment and Note that Pite Duncan, LLC presented to the BK also had my original loan number whited out.'s compare notes!


I to have had the same problem with ASC/Wells Fargo!!They have been giving me the run-around for well over a year!!

If anyone can help drop me a line at

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