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We were few months behind mortgage payment and try to talk to bank.their modification was impossible to accepted at this ever couple months later our business start getting better so we gain some confidence to start renegotiation with Bank.We send them in October 2012 the entire package that they require for modification.Never received letter of confirmation from them or request for additional documents all advise for consultation.In January 2013 we got notice 12(same) of putting our house for auction.That give us a 1 month to try to stop the sell.We were on phone fro countless hours repeating our information to the next operator not getting results The keep asking for another paper or same paper to the last hours on the date of sale.Denied us any postpone or further negotiation for a luck of paper we fax the the they before(on their request) which they say the receive after their time limit.Our House was sold!!!!! They never have any intention to work with us .their process of deleting paper works. not be able to talk with anyone who can help Even when we show them that we financially be able to make some arrangement for payment..That was nothing we could do right with their prevention department.They keep calling you on different hours that you cant speak to them .try to return calls almost impossible.They just cover their side to show that they try to work with you but they not.its all a scheme and scam.I like to take them to court but obviously they have resources ant time which I don't.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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