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I too got on a payment plan and western union all payments. One month I was 21.50 short but sent it in any.

They returned it a week later and kicked me out of the plan. I tried to reason with them by agreeing to send the payment back along with the additional 21.50. They decided to decline. At that point they wanted all of there monies.

I tried to pay half. They declined. I was forced to file bankrupcty. Afterall I have approximately $65,000 equity.

Be careful with this company.

Do not believe what they say!!!

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Winona, Minnesota, United States #4044

My name is Ian Greaves, I live at 27 W Rockland St, Philadelphia, PA 19144, my phone number is 215-471-9337. I need your help in finding my account number for my mortgage.

I also need a contact number for your payment center.

My home was destroyed by fire, and I lost all paper work. Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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