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I did a loan modified with asc I made 3 payments IN April, May, and June 6000 thousand total .They told me not to make any more payments until I got my loanfication i got in september they try to add30 thousand to my loan and my payments went up more then 600 a month. i called and told them i couldnt afford that.They were trying to take advantage of me and the situation.they told me i could do a loan modification.

I might come back worse and i called the hope foundation.

in the mean time in november i called asc asked how my new house modification was going. Tey told me my house was sold to the bank at the sherrife sail.W were not notified no letters certified mail can they do this and how can we get our house back need some advice please thanks they are bunch of crooks we were trying to work with these people its not right what they are trying to do

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Some people have holes and some are *** and you are *** and by the way i do pay my bills i was not payed on large job that i did nothing on my part i paid all my guys and my suppliers i was the one who did not get paid but anyway you sound like a loser siting on the computer all day do have a job and blowing people behind 7 /11 dosent count go out in the world and talk to people face to face i know what your thinking because you so *** ugly nobody will talk to you but your so cool in your own mind

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #49439

Hi Lauren,

You amuse me.

Everyone who reads this post needs to learn from this homeless *** and pay their bills on time so it doen't happen to them. This ends my Public Service Announcement.


That's ignorant to say, you don't know what really happened "sally". So why don't you get off your high horse & shut your mouth. Some people are really in trouble and don't need any F&*^ing IDIOTS making slick comments.

Altenkirchen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany #47794

Have fun living in your car. Hobo.

Pay your bills on time. Stop trying to manipulate the system. As, you can see, it *** you in your rear end.

Glad you lost your home. ***.

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