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ASC is set up to collect fines by any means possible. They don't have a way to schedule payments online so they post on the grace period date.

If you mail a payment there is no consistency when it will post to your account. If you pay by phone it is a charge. Late fees are astronomical. If you do want to schedule an online payment it has to be on the first and only the first.

It is also impossible to get someone on the phone unless it is to collect a $20 dollar payment by phone charge. They are already rapeing us with high interest rates due to our credit rate, now they are trying to get as much out of us in charges as possible.

Our loan was switched from Saxon who is really good to this crappy ASC. If you have the option, steer clear of this money pit.

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That happened to me on my modification. I paid but it wasn't posted and there fore my modification was deined.

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