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Please contact me.....I am going through the same thing with this company. I applied for a loan modification and was approved.

I had to wire them $2300.00 in good faith, which they never warned me about. I start making payments and next thing I know they are applying them into a suspense account. Had to go through everything again. Waiting on paperwork and get this letter telling me my interest rate has changed, etc, new payment infor.

Send in check and its returned. Turns out this was automatically generated from customer service and they have no control over them I am in active forclosure and since not the FULL amount they wont accept payments. They suggest Loan modification, told them I already applied. They said i was approved but I never received the papework.

They said I had to go through it all over again. This has been a nightmare. I sent financial info, hardship letter, etc. They say they cant read the faxes, send again.

I mail over night and it takes 10 days for them to scan the information into the system. Meanwhile I am served with Sheriff sale papers. Everytime I call its something different. I hire an attorney, I have to send written authorization.

They cant read that either. Mail it, take 10 days to scan in. Its ridiculous. I am running out of time.

They still have my money and I swear they are just waiting for the sale date and Im going to loose my home and its not like I am not trying.....Please, if anyone else is dealing with this company. Email me directly poohbearbratz05@aol.com.

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this is the same thing happening with my mom house they stating one thing over the phone but they won't send anything out reassuring what they say. my mom did three modifications already then they ask for more things and lose paper work. now her house is also in forclosure.

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