America Servicing Company,a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Mortage. We have jumped threw all the hoops.

Sent all paperwork and proved all income,twice now if you count the lose mitigation company we are now going threw. In a conference call with ASC they even gave the negotiator with lossmitigation the run around. The knowledge of the employess is rediculous. The woman on the other end of the line didnt even know what Loss Mitigation was.

The negotionator had to explain what he was. Anyone have advice? We wish to save our home and qualify to do so.

ASC has been noncommunicable and difficult in any phone conversation and cannot even follow their own directions in letters.

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Hello, I agree with you! I have been going through the same thing!

I think we should hire a lawyer. I got a letter saying that they could not come to terms with the jr. lien holders and loan mod denied. Per ASC my husband has tax liens.

Our tax record is clear! We went to our county records and ref the numbers they gave us and it was a diffrent person. same first and last name but diffrent SS #... I cant beleive that!

how can they discuss this and it not even be the same person... I Pray to God that the Mod goes through, because if not I will make sure Justice is made!

Please email with any comments... God be with You!


Get everything in writing, certified delivery and if FE Ex, signed reciept. ASC will say they never heard from you, even after you have letters from prior communications.

Then, having never heard from you, they will foreclose. Follow the money, if you have equity, Wells Fargo Bank will reposess in a heartbeat

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