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I have been working with ASC for a loan modification since December of 2008. In May they sent me a forebearance package that requires I pay $4k upfront and my monthly payment will be $1700 month for 4-6 months. And then only they would consider the actual loan modification. The amount they are asking for is more than what I have been paying and could afford. And I do not have the $4k. I declined the offer.

I was adviced to resubmit the paperwork, hardship letter etc. Which I did and I have been calling the Loss Mitigation Dept and transferred from one agent to another for the longest time. In late September, they had sent me a package to sign, ONE DAY before the "closing date" And there is no modification done or whatsoever. The interest rate remains the same, the monthly payment was going to be $1800 a month (again higher than what I have been paying for)And of course my original loan amount is now higher.

I got on the phone and lucky to speak to someone and was advice to just agree and sign and send them the package including the payment. Once again, I declined the offer. Get back to calling the dept and getting nowhere. Earlier this month, I had a friend whom was working with a Loan Modification co and had her call for me. She was told that we should resubmit the paperwork for the loan modification once again. There is no foreclosure activity going on and that if there is, it will be postponed till December of 2009.

I spoke to an agent a week before Thanksgiving and was told to resubmit new paperwork. So, I resubmitted all the required paperwork last week. A day before Thanksgiving and finally today, after being transfered from one agent to another, I finally get to speak to someone whom actually told me that my house has been sold on October 5th of 2009 which I had no idea or knowledge of. I was also told that it maybe Wells Fargo and not ASC as they do not communicate with each other and one or another has no idea what is going on. They gave me a website to check on my property. I went on the website and could not find any information.

I called Wells Fargo and the agent have no idea what I was talking about, they do not have any information regarding my loan or property.

I am a single mother of 3 very young children and the thought of being homeless is depressing!

This is terrible!

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It took me 5 years to modify now my mortgage is $1000.00 more a month I want to find a lawyer for a class action but don't know where to start


You guys aren't the only ones. I looked into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against ASC (which is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo for deceptive and Fraudulent practices. You guys should consider the same.


Wells Fargo and Americ Servicing Co.are some of the biggest crooks.

Twice I ask for help.

And like so many others the payment went up twice.The loan modification is a joke!


Matahari, I feel for you.I'm going through a like nightmare with them.

These people must be stopped.I'm placeing a link on my Facebook Group in hopes that it will generate interest in this and possibly put a stop to it.


I am going through the samething, My payment just went up more thenwhat i paid and they want a down payment. The Modification paper work if you have any questions they do not give u a response. what can we do.

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