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I just want to say I am real pissed. I was trying to get out of an ARM and because of the housing values dropping I would only be able to re fi the first, so the new mortgage company needed ACS to resubordinate behind them.

ACS's loan terms would not change. However after they charged me 125.00 to do this at the last minute they said they would not do it. So now my ARM is going up and I my lose my house. And ACS well they just lost all their money from me. But I guess to them 125.00 is better than nothing.

Because my current first mortgage company will get their money first, which unfortunately will not be the whole amount. GREAT BUSINESS SENSE ACS. If I was able to get my refi, they still would have gotten their 59000.00, but hey they did get 125.00. They keep putting a 10.00 other charge on my statement, that the Customer Service people cant explain.

Well I will not be paying that. And I will continue to complain about this.

Review about: Americas Servicing Company Loan.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Union Grove, Wisconsin, United States #11824

ASC would not work with me at all. They turned down all offers for short sale, no deal on Deed in Lieu, sheriff sale was Thursday.

Every time I tried contacting them they told me something else and kept saying we will get abck with you in 60 days.

Well, now they have what they house. Hope they are happy!

Milton, Wisconsin, United States #11714

We were in a similar situation like michelle_70501. We were told by Donna Smith in loss mitigation to pay $2000 for one month and $2500 for the next two months, call back in Jan.

2008 to get set up on a plan since the mortgage will be adjusting. We did so and wasn't able to get in touch with Donna Taylor. After calling at least once a week for the next month I finally reach her and she tells me she needs to run the numbers and will contact me. Well that never happened.

In April we were contact by another mitigation rep by the name of Irma. I explained what was supposed to be the plan that Donna Taylor was discussing with us. Irma didn't see those notes and I asked her well what is going to happen. Irma got our information again, ran the numbers and informed us a couple of weeks later that if we want to keep our home we need to pay $2500 monthly for 4 mos and then a lum payment of $10,000 or we lose the house.

I informed Irma that was my reason for calling Donna Taylor so we wouldn't get any further behind than we were. But that didn't happen and now we're deciding if we want to sell our home, move into an apartment, file bankruptcy and start over or do everything we can to stay just to get refinanced with another company.

Somers, New York, United States #6493

I totally agree, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing! I spoke to several different ppl today and each one told me something different.

My house is in foreclosure and I have to pay $9,000+ attorney fees to catch up. A cpl of weeks ago, I was told that if I could come up with $4000 (and pay $1000 a month for 6 months), I would get into a loan modification plan (I did this before, paid $3300 down and paid $900 a month for 6 months, then ASC said since I didn't call to recalculate my finances after the 6th payment, I was booted from the plan). Well when I spoke to Clay at ASC today, he said that even if I came up with the $4000, nothing was guaranteed! When a tree fell on my house and made a hole in the roof, an insurance check for $4600 was sent to ASC.

I paid $1000 to have the tree cut and removed from my property. Today, Clay at ASC told me that I can't get the insurance check until a loan modification plan was accepted. He said the money I paid to repair my roof is "just a household expense!" He said if the foreclosure goes through, then they keep the insurance check and pay someone to repair the house. So, the insurance I paid was for them to keep!!!

I am at my wits end with these people!

I can't wait to catch up on my mortgage so I can refinance and get as far away from ASC as possible!!! :(

Clinton, North Carolina, United States #5913

to hot to handle?

Syosset, New York, United States #5713

I fully understand your feeling. WE jumped through every hoop they asked us to for my Dad who is 85 years old and they did not follow through on their end. As of today we have had to sell the house to an investor that will allow my dad to stay in his home. HOWEVER. This morning when we went to closing, the closing agent had not been able to get the pay off amount. ASC Calims that they did not get a request for is and the house will go to auction on tomorrow. We told them that we had the proof that it had been requested and even the Attorney for ASC had requested it and it had not been given.

Then we were asked when it was faxed and we were told it was the wrong number. That has sounded soooooo familiar to me as they have told me that all the time. So we had to fax everything to "the only person that can stop the sale" and it was a DIFFERENT fax number. One hand does not know what the other hand is doing in this company and they take money that is not due them and NO ONE can tell you what it was for.

I plan to hire an attorney to go after these people. There has to be something to do to stop this nonsense.

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